Since February I started to volunteer with Fibe TV. It’s a TV channel that shows content about the city of Toronto. If you want to learn more about TVproduction and gain experience on the groud it’s a great opportunity to do it. Since February I’ve worked on an webserie and documentary as first camera assistant, on three TV shows as second director assistant, and second camera operator. I’ve learned new ways of working, new equipments and new people.         Front photo : Shooting Bomb Girls, a documentary about the women who worked in a munition factory situated in Scarborough, Ontario during the Second worl war. Second photo :Shooting  Market to table, a TV show about cooking. Third photo : Shooting Offstage with Ward Anderson season 2, a cultural talk show.
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New town

by gisela_restrepo· mars 10, 2017· in News· 0 comments
I moved to Toronto a couple of month ago. After ten years, I left Montreal, to experience something new, to challenge myself. I was a freelancer in Montreal, I still am but I don’t know how is going to be here. Start from scratch with a new language at 30, not easy every day, but it’s part of the challenge. So I decided for the first time to start writting about that new experience. For now I have time and at some point I felt that I needed to write about that and share my experience.
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