Editor and Director since 2011, I have worked on various project for digital platform, TV content and documentaries. Here is a glimpse of some of the projects I have worked on.



The Smallest Steps, Canada, 2022, 80 mins

the smallest steps provides some answers through the interconnected stories of four women, each beginning their own journey to end violence against women in Canada.

With Victoria’s decision to pursue family law, Jade’s steps entering the legal world after articling, and Sheri and Ashley’s participation in a national gender equality initiative, this documentary provides a glimpse into how ordinary women are working towards extraordinary change.

Coproducer and Director: Nicole Bedford

Coproducer: Leighann Burns



Editor - Rough cut to Fine cut


Kairos, 2021, Canada

Marilyn Farquhar is a renowned quilter from Heidelberg, Ontario. In January, 2020, her brother Barry Shantz was shot dead by the RCMP in Abbotsford B.C. Kairos is her quilting project which attempts to process that grief and motivate change in policing.

Director and Producer: Ian Daffern


Producer, director and coeditor

Under Silence and Earth, Canada, 2021, 94mins


Under Silence and Earth Follows the Filmmaker's journey to the mass grave where her aunt was buried. From France, where her parents were exiled, to Colombia, she'll piece together the puzzle of a family story marked by an armed conflict.


DP: Karen Gomez Diaz, Marina Klimoff

Sound: Marianne Roussy, Luis Eduardo Lozano Gomez, Alejandro Magaña Martinez

Original score: Alejandro Magaña Martinez


Festivals: MIDBO, Bogotá - RIDM, Montréal - Ciné Latino, Toulouse - Ojo loco, Grenoble

Director and editor

Aging without my children, Nemesis Prod., Canada, 2017, 10min

40 ans après la disparition de sa tante en combat dans la jungle, Gisela retourne en Colombie confronte sa grand-mère sur la difficulté de vivre avec l'absence de sa fille.

DP: Karen Gomez Diaz

Sound: Pascal Plante

Production: Audrey-Ann Depuis Pierre, Karim Haroun

Festivals: RIDM, Montréal - Cinéma sous les étoiles, Montréal


Cinematographer and editor

A canadian immigration story, Canada, 2020

Isidor Swieca tells his memories of a time that should never be repeated.

Cinematographer and editor

Yoga rap, prod. Leela Miller, UK/Canada, 2018

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